Oral Histories

Dale & Donna Oviatt

Donna: b. 1929 - Dale: b.1929

Donna & Dale Oviatt

Q: What was your impression of Moab when you were young, going to school?

Donna: I remember when my Dad still lived over in Durango and my younger sister and I went over to Durango to see him for about a week. We came back on the bus, and we got up here and crossed the one lane bridge and it was green and the trees were beautiful. And those old red rocks! I said “This is where I want to be.” It was so beautiful with all the white snow on the mountains.

Q: Did you know anyone who knew or had any contact with any of the CCC boys?

Donna: No, I didn’t know of anybody that did.

Q: You live out by one of the projects, the Pack Creek diversion dam. What did you think of Dale the first time you saw him?

Donna: I didn’t know what to think of him.

Q: Was he telling jokes then?

Donna: Yes, he was telling jokes. That’s an everyday occurrence, all day. He was fun to be with. He is still fun to be with but I get kind of tired of hearing jokes all the time. (laughs)

Q: After you finished school, did you go to work?

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