Oral Histories

Dale & Donna Oviatt

Donna: b. 1929 - Dale: b.1929

Donna & Dale Oviatt

Donna: It’s the new city office building. They have repaired it and redone it so many times that is doesn’t look anything like it did when I went to school there.

Q: You were telling a story about going to school there and about a teacher, Mr. Evans. Would you tell that now?

Donna: He was a great teacher. We lived out past the hospital at the time. Every kid down there that could not ride the bus, got together and we all walked to school. H. B. Evans lived down there, too. There were about 10 or 15 of us trailing along behind him, singing, “March, March, March!” In school, he was the best science teacher. He would give you an assignment to do, but someone would say something, or ask a question and we never heard about the assignment again. He would go off on another subject; same thing the next day. When it came time for a test, he’d say “You are going to have a test today”. But guess what he tested on? What we had talked about (not the assignments).

I don’t remember how I did on the test. I wasn’t a very, very good student, but I liked him and he made a lot of friends, he was such a nice guy.

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