Oral Histories

Dale & Donna Oviatt

Donna: b. 1929 - Dale: b.1929

Donna & Dale Oviatt

Q: When did you start playing golf?

Dale: Back in the fifties.

Q: What is the history of the golf course here; was it going then?

Dale: The county actually did the grading and all before I went to work for the county. It was a nine hole golf course. Then it proved to be pretty good so eventually they made it an eighteen hole course out of it.

Q: Do you still play there?

Dale: Well, I call it playing golf. I don’t know what others call it.

Donna: I played golf, but I don’t play any more because I’ve got too big of a yard to play golf.

Dale: Bill Buchanan and I were out there last Monday about one o’clock and played nine holes. It wasn’t all that cold, but we didn’t have out shirts off.

Q: Let’s talk about now. Do you think your medical problems are because of the uranium that you worked in?

Dale: Oh, could be.

Donna: Well, the doctor said it definitely was.

Dale: You’d put your dust mask on and go in those yellowcake dust-collectors; work for about four or five minutes. It would be covered up with dust so bad, you’d take the dust cover off, do your work and come out a-spitting out yellowcake dust.

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