Oral Histories

Dale & Donna Oviatt

Donna: b. 1929 - Dale: b.1929

Donna & Dale Oviatt

Q: Were you a good hunter?

Dale: We seemed to get out deer every year.

Donna: I never did shoot one, but Dale shot his almost every year. Good, good meat.

Q: Did you ever go elk hunting or bird hunting or fishing?

Dale: I never went elk hunting or pheasant hunting either one. I did a lot of fishing. We used to go to pretty near all the lakes on the mountain.

Donna: we did a lot of river fishing up on the sandbars (Colorado River). We had friends that we’d meet up there and have Dutch Oven dinners. We’d fish and the kids would wade around in the water. We had to watch them like hawks. We used to have a lot of fun; we used to own a boat. We sold it because it is just too hard to manage a big boat. Then we bought a rubber raft and we used to go to Monticello and that lake and paddle and play around on the rubber raft. Lloyds Lake. We used to have a lot of Dutch oven dinners, it was wonderful, biscuits and, oh! nothing better.

Dale: I have to tell you about my sweet wife though up at Lloyds Lake. It was down kind of low and the shale there was slick. The wife told me if we went riding around on the raft, then we’d go down and play golf down at the golf course. When we got ready to get out of the lake, she stepped on the bank, slipped and fell down and was mud from one end to the other. (Went underneath the boat) So we had to go back to the trailer house and change clothes before we went to the golf course.

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