Oral Histories

Dale & Donna Oviatt

Donna: b. 1929 - Dale: b.1929

Donna & Dale Oviatt

Donna: They graded up in the mountains even, the Loop road and all over for the Forest Service. It worked out so that everybody was agreeable.

Q: What did you do for recreation when the kids were growing up?

Donna: We used to deer hunt; we used to roller skate; we loved to go arrowhead hunting; now we can’t walk very good.

Q: Where did you roller skate?

Donna: Where is the roller skating rink that we used to go to?

Dale: I think the one there at Star Hall wasn’t a roller rink when we got married, but Lynn Day had one up on Fourth North and Third East, I think it was. He had a roller rink up there and we used to go up there about every weekend to go roller skating. We did quite a bit of archery all over the state and into Colorado.

Q: Contests? And Shoots? Any trophies?

Dale: Oh a few.

Donna: Lots of them, dust collectors.

Q: Did you make your own arrows?

Dale: Yes, I made a few of them. Wooden ones to start with, fletched them and all; then fiberglass ones. I had a archery arrowhead box that I gave to my son in law and all the archery equipment and then my boy, when he was going to Carbon College he was doing some archery and I gave him all my aluminum arrows. Only trouble was, he stopped to see his girl friend at one of the bowling alleys and while he was in there, somebody stole all the arrows.

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