Oral Histories

Clara Copley Shafer


Clara Shafer

Q: So, you say that one of the problems with Moab now is the fact that it is a very specific job market and so the young people really can’t stay here.

A: The money-paying jobs that were here during the mining – is not here anymore. And you have to work two jobs to make a living nowdays   usually because they are just tourist-oriented. 

Q: Are you keeping busy now? Do you have hobbies?

A: I love to embroider and tat and knit, and crochet and needlepoint and quilt and, like I say, I like to garden a little. I enjoy going to D.U.P. meetings (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers). I am working at the Family History Center. I have volunteered in the schools. I started volunteering as soon as my youngest boy was in school so that I did not have to leave little ones at home. And I volunteered until he went to Middle School and then I offered, but I was never called. I have worked with the Spanish speaking children in school. When I was going home so much and my Dad was within two weeks of being 102 years old, I was up there taking care of him for six weeks and then down here for six weeks. When I was up there I was helping with the Spanish speaking children up there in school also. I am volunteering in the schools an hour one day a week and thoroughly enjoying it. I also work one day a week at the Family History Library. They are teaching me how to use the computer over there so I can help others do their family history.

Q: I really appreciate your taking the time to come in and do this interview with us. It has been wonderful talking with you.

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