Oral Histories

Clara Copley Shafer


Clara Shafer

Q: Was this an auto stage?

A: It was just a truck of some kind. It had a seat in it so that it could carry about 3 or 4 passengers. And that was the way of getting to and from Salt Lake unless you drove. The roads were terrible in the wintertime. I can remember going to games and having to turn around because we couldn’t make it when we went to Park City or Heber or Kamas. Parley’s Canyon was closed a good deal of the time because of the roads. Snyderville and around there the wind blew the snow until drifts were over the fences and you would have to go through that area to get to Salt Lake. We did a lot of sleigh riding in those days. Skiing wasn’t much back then, not in my area. In Park City, I guess it was, but not in Coalville. Ice skating was. Mr. Geary, a local businessman, would flood his pasture almost every winter and the kids would go down there and ice skate and would haul all the old Christmas trees down there and have a bonfire and somebody would usually bring some potatoes and marshmallows or some hot dogs, or something and we would skate. Most of the kids learned to ice skate.

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