Oral Histories

Clara Copley Shafer


Clara Shafer

Q: Where did the train go?

A: It went to Park City with empty oar cars and usually came back with full ore cars or sometimes coal because, as I said, it was a coal mining town for a while. There is still coal in Coalville but it is too expensive to mine it. It’s not worth it. It’s a good grade of coal but there is a lot of water seepage into the mines and they would have to pump so much and stabilize the mines and it is not worth while. The cars coming back from Park City were loaded with silver from the silver mines. I think they were being taken to the smelter as I don’t remember a smelter in Park City.

Q: When you were in Coalville, now did you go to Salt Lake at all or did you stay right in Coalville most of the time? Did you go to Evanston for big city shopping, or whatever? 

A: Salt Lake was usually where we went. At that time we had a stage that would go in. It would get in Salt Lake about 9:30 and would leave about 2:30. That’s how we got the newspapers that would come out on the stage and the stage helped carry freight back and forth between the two cities.

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