Oral Histories

Clara Copley Shafer


Clara Shafer

Q: Now, was that when you were a girl?

A: Yes. The Atkins mink has been sold all over the United States. I understand he has even sold mink that have been used for royalty. He didn’t like the models in New York so he used to take Utah girls back there to model his mink coats. He said the New York models were too skinny. They had that and dairy farming. We had our own cow and we usually had a pig and some chickens and ducks, and geese once in a while. I didn’t like the geese. They usually chased me   I didn’t like them. During WWII, because most of the boys 16 to 18 years old were bussed to Hillfield and Clearfield to work in the defense industries , I got a lot of jobs mowing the lawns for people and have enjoyed outdoor work ever since. 

Q: You would have been a teenager during WWII?

A: Yes. I was 11 when it broke out. I was mowing our lawn and the neighbor asked me if I could mow their lawn and somebody else asked if I could mow their lawns and I preferred to work outdoors rather than indoors so that suited me just fine. We had one doctor for a while and then later we had two doctors. We did have a hospital there for a while but I wasn’t born in one. I was born at home as was my sister and my two brothers. My tonsils were taken out in the doctor’s office because we didn’t have a hospital. But, later on we did get one. But now, we just have a clinic again and just one doctor and one pharmacist. We did have two fairly good stores. They weren’t supermarkets but they were stores. We now only have the one that is of any size. We have a lot of little corner markets. We had two hotels when I grew up. But we don’t have any now. We had two cafés, I guess you would call them. One was an A&W (?) I worked there for a while during the summer time. Another one was called Dean’s (?) Café‚ and it stayed in business up until…..I guess it was 1990 something when it was closed down. We had a train that went up once a day and down once a day.

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