Oral Histories

Clara Copley Shafer


Clara Shafer

Q: Great. And you did move away from Moab after the first time you came here?

A: I took two and a half years and served an LDS mission in Mexico. After that I renewed my teaching certificate at the BYU and married Prommel so I never used it. In 1960, Prommel, who was working for Chuck Keller at the time, was transferred to Riverton, Wyoming. In 1963, we came back to Moab.

Q: Let’s go back to when you were born in Coalville. Can you tell me a little bit about growing up and the Coalville area?

A: Well, it’s snowy in the winter time and cold in the winter time and very pleasant and very nice in the summertime. It was a small town. The year I graduated, there were 48 seniors and there would not have been that many except they combined two classes through a mistake earlier in the year. They decided these kids needed to be held back in the sixth grade, I guess it was. So we had two sixth grades and they just continued on with us and graduated. Coalville had some ups and downs. There has been some oil booms and it was a coal mining town. There were at least two coal mines operating when I was growing up. 

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