Oral Histories

Clara Copley Shafer


Clara Shafer

Interviewed by Rusty Salmon, Aug. 15, 2003, at Moab, Utah


Question (Rusty): When did you first move to southeast Utah?

A (Clara): I came here in 1952.

Q: And you came right to Moab first?

A: Right.

Q: And was that from…?

A: The University of Utah (in Salt Lake City, Utah).

Q: Marriages?

A: Just one. Prommel. He was named for a German geologist that his father was working for at the time he was born. This German geologist had written some papers. I happen to have a copy of them at home. He did, the way I was told, exploration work through the Russian government although the guy was a German….Harold Prommel. Prommel is really a surname, a German surname.

Q: When were you married?

A: June 26, l957.

Q: And where did that take place?

A: Salt Lake City.

Q: Children?

A: I have six.

Q: Could you please list them for me in order?

A: Susan, she is a paralegal now living in Phoenix. Kathy, she is in public relations in Logan, Utah. Lloyd, took over my husband’s business when his dad died. Steve is a social worker here in Moab. Paul works with computers in Santa Rosa, California. I don’t know exactly what he does.   David is an electrical engineer living in Carson City, Nevada.

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