Oral Histories

Carol E. Balsley Hines

b. 1913

Carol Balsley Hines

Q: On Center Street?

A: Well you know where the middle school is? It’s just right up there.

Q: By Elaine Petersen’s?

A: No it isn’t that far up. It’s only a block.

Q: By where the ball field is?

A: No, the ball field is here and it’s over here And you know my grand dad gave that ground to the school over there.

Q: Did he? Oh that’s right, I remember Tom Trout gave that land to the school. Now do you remember the Goodman house?

A: Uh-huh, I remember that. What a shame that they let them tear that down. And that little house up further. It even had the holes where they put their guns through and they let them tear that down. They had an awful time trying to preserve the old Star Hall. They were going to tear it down. You know these new people came in and they tore everything down. And, they had the Star Hall ready to fall down. Well, just like this Middle School, they tell me it’s about as sturdy as anything you can get. But it would’ve been a shame if they’d torn that Star Hall down with that brick work. Isn’t that beautiful?

Q: You had mentioned that your husband had a store over where Walker’s currently is?

A: We called it the Valley Home and Auto

Q: And how long did he have that?

A: Oh, ten years? It must have been at least ten years.

Q: And then what did he do?

A: He retired after that. One year they had this jeep and Arthur and Bill drove over to the store. Arthur was just a little kid and Bill left him in the jeep and pretty soon here came a crash. Arthur drove it into the front of the store. Ken said, “Bill wouldn’t say a thing but (*) English

Art knew he’d done wrong. And then we had this farm down below the hospital. We had cows down there. But we didn’t live down there, we lived up here, but we had that down there. The kids all learned to drive down on that farm.

Q: How many acres?

A: We had 25 acres down there. Had hay and raised grain as high as your head , the wheat.

Q: That was west of the current hospital?

A: It’s still there by the wetlands, in that area.


Here’s a history of the Fire Department that he (Bill Hines) wrote too and you might like to have that. Because he originally was one of the ones that volunteered and he was on there fifty years. Yeah and then we had the three in the fire department, two boys and my husband so when we went to bed at night we’d have to clear out the toys and the shoes so when they got a call they wouldn’t fall over anything in the house.

Q: I see they’ve got a bigger door there now.

A: Yes, they’ve got a new fire engine.


List of Carol Hine’s activities over the years in the Moab community

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers – President and also held all other positions at one point or another

Relief Society – President and also held all other positions

Primary – involved with, taught, and held various positions for 50 years

Sunday School – involved with, taught, and held various positions for at least 40 years

Ladies’ Literary Club – President twice and also held positions as Vice President and Secretary

Legion Auxiliary – Officer and also Poppy Chairman

Women’s Federation – District President

Community Theater – Member and actress

4H Club – involved with and taught 4H for 20 years

Boy Scouts of America – scout leader for 5 years

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