Oral Histories

Carol E. Balsley Hines

b. 1913

Carol Balsley Hines

Interviewed by: Rusty Salmon January- 2002 at Moab, Utah



Carol: Well, I was born here in Moab, Utah, and my dad was out on the forest with his Forest Service work and they just told him that he was needed here at home. They didn’t tell him why. And I’d been born at that time.

Q: Did you have other brothers and sisters?

A: I had one, Tom Balsley, and he was 15 years younger. Mother said she didn’t like more than seventeen nor less than twelve, so she got two fifteen years apart.

Q: Did your dad travel a lot during this time period?

A: He did during the uranium. He didn’t so much before then. ‘Course he did travel quite a bit too when he was in the Forest Service. When he was at Monticello they used to get so much snow that it was just over the fence posts.

Q: Who were your friends ? Did you have a lot of friends in the neighborhood?

A: My dad gave this piece of ground right here where this motel is, he gave that to his friend Mellenthin. I guess you have the history of Mellenthin being killed up on the mountain? He was dad’s good friend and he gave him that piece of ground right there where the motel is because dad owned this property all this through here (indicated land surrounding her current home) and he gave that to them. I was the only girl in the bunch, everybody else was boys so we were real tomboys. I used to always be climbing trees. When I lived in this neighborhood as a little girl there were three boys on one side and two boys on the other side. We had this big barn like most of the places, two story barn where they had the hay, and the kids’d all go jump in the hay like we shouldn’t have done.

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