Oral Histories

Billie Provonsha


Billie Provonsha

A: Things were rationed; sugar was rationed and you were only allowed so many pairs of shoes and gasoline, you had to have coupons to buy gas. Sugar, flour and shortening and stuff you had to have coupons.

Q: When they were in mining were they selling uranium to the government?

A: They were selling to the mill and I guess the mill was selling the product to the government then.

Q: Was there any special gasoline allotment for working in uranium? 

A: I suppose, I know in town, a lot of people that got their allotment for gasoline and didn’t use it would take their extra coupons to the service stations. Then when someone needed to go to Grand Junction for a doctor appointment, there were always extra coupons that the station had. You could get them and it seemed to all work out. Everybody cooperated.

Q: Did people share their meat and grocery coupons? 

A: I don’t remember, we didn’t have too much money to buy much meat. We had chickens, and somebody we bought milk from all the time. I can’t remember now who it was.

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