Oral Histories

Billie Provonsha


Billie Provonsha

Q: Did your father get a good job when he came? 

A: Yes, he did. He worked in mining, different jobs; he worked in the copper mill in Lisbon, the old one for awhile; he worked in the uranium mill in Monticello for several years and he also did mining on his own with two partners.

Q: When he was a mill hand, do you know what he actually did?

A: No, I really don’t. At that time we were only kids.

Q: Do you know the name of the mines he worked?

A: They were just small mines. He and these two partners would mine out the ore and haul it to the mill and sell it. Grover Cleaveland was one of the partners; Harry is one of his sons and I think he still lives here. Gay Brown was the third partner. The three of them worked together.

Q: Did they do well at this?

A: They did all right. My mother always worked, too and all of us kids always worked to make our own money. Nobody was rich but we had enough to eat. During the Second World War everything was scarce, we didn’t know if we were (rich or poor).

Q: Was it hard to get supplies then in Moab? 

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