Oral Histories

Billie Provonsha


Billie Provonsha

Q: When did you come to Moab and why?

A: My father’s brother came to Moab because his two son-in-laws lived here. They were in the mining business and he told my father to come and he could get him a better job working in a mine. And so we moved in 1942 in the summer. I started school here in September of 1942.

Q: Where did you live when you first came here?

A: We rented a house from Amy Allred, which is up on 4th East and the corner of 1st North (399 E. 100 No.). The house has been all remodeled and changed around so it doesn’t look the house I used to live in when we came.

Q: The original house is still in there?

A: I think so, from the way that it looks, but I haven’t stopped and talked to the people since we moved back.

Q: How long did you stay there? 

A: We lived there just a year or so and then we moved into the house down on 3rd East (280 S. 300 E.) that Mildred Campbell has now on the corner. It is still there. When we lived there, there was a big irrigation ditch that ran down across the front of the place. We had a footbridge to get across it. That’s been covered in as have all the irrigation ditches in town.

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