Oral Histories

Billie Provonsha


Billie Provonsha

Q: Did you help on the farm, and what did you raise on the farm? 

A: Yes, there was hay, but mostly I just worked in the large garden. We raised our own vegetables and fruit trees and that sort of stuff. I did a lot of work taking care of that.

Q: Where did you go to school?

A: In a two room schoolhouse we walked to. There really weren’t too many kids in either room. I remember spending quite a few days down in the cyclone cellar during cyclone season. We had a complete classroom set up in this big cellar that had a cement dome over the top. So when the skies were right, all of us kids would go down in there and we’d have our lessons there while we waited for the storm to pass.

Q: Did you have that kind of protection at home?

A: No, we didn’t. We just went down in the cellar at home. We had a cellar and everyone had a cellar. We had lanterns and stuff down there.

Q: Do you remember seeing a cyclone? Did it ever hit your house? 

A: Yes, but not when we lived in it. We moved to one house; our house burned down and I can remember that; then we moved to another farm house. It had been hit by a cyclone and one of the back rooms and the back porch had been taken off. I never lived in a house that was actually hit while we lived in it, thank goodness.

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