Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: Can you describe the house?

A: It had a nice porch that we utilized in the summer to sit on. You came into a, for those days, large living room with fireplace, and through an arch into the dining room and then another door, you came into the kitchen. Upstairs had three large bedrooms. By the time I can remember they had added a bathroom and a fairly large bedroom down stairs off the dining room. In those days it was a large house. It had tall, ten-foot ceilings, adobe walls that were very thick on the lower level and frame construction on the top. It was quite cool in the summer because of the adobe walls and, of course, we had big trees all around the house. It was a very comfortable house. One of the fondest things I remember about the house was that it was always so comfortable. I would get home and my mother had probably just baked something. It was always immaculately clean. She would probably be singing something. She was Welsh and she sang. If you had two Bronsons together, they had a chorus. It was a very warm atmosphere. I always felt very secure in that home; just a nice place to grow up.

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