Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: Okay, now they have settled in Moab and your dad had the real estate and your mom was an at-home mom on what property? Where was your home?

A: Where the Adventure Center is now, the old Taco Bell [approximately 205 South Main]. That block on Main Street from the creek to Walker’s Store was our homestead. He had bought that from Mr. Goudelock. Mr. Goudelock had come to Moab and bought a lot of properties and when my grandfather got here, he bought that piece of property and started the home that was there until it was torn down when Taco Bell was constructed.

Q: When Goudelock had it, was there a big house that was almost like a hotel?

A: That was on this side where the Greenwell is now.

Q: It was an adjacent piece of property to where your dad built? And did he build his own place?

A: Yes, I’m sure he had contractors, but he built his own house. The house he built was only half of the house that he intended to build because my grandmother left Moab. This country was very harsh to her. She had come from a well-to-do family and she didn’t have a lot of skills. My grandfather was 36 and she was 18 when they were married, (on the Meador side). My grandmother returned to Arkansas with three of the children, left the two oldest boys with my grandfather. The house construction at that point stopped. It was a large house in Moab as I was growing up. Grandmother did return to Arkansas and eventually to California and never came back to Moab.

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