Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: When did your folks permanently come to Moab?

A: In 1927, Dad decided to open the real estate and insurance office. He tried to sell medical insurance. He told me the story that one time he told Dr. Allen, “I can’t even give away a medical policy. As long as you will trade chickens for an operation I can’t make money selling medical insurance.” So he gave up selling medical policies and didn’t sell them at any time while I was at home. His basic business was fire and auto. Basically, he covered Moab until competition came in later in the late forties.

Q: I’ve seen his name a lot in the old newspapers, so he was quite actively involved in the community?

A: Yes, he was. He was an elected representative for a couple of terms in the State Legislature and held various offices in Moab. He had a strong commitment to the community. He felt that if you lived in a community you had to give back to it. You had to support those things that were necessary for the welfare of everyone. There were a number of those men who were in the Lions Club and everything else that did the civic projects. They didn’t get loans and grants, they got their shovels and hoes and went out and worked. If they needed to make a new cemetery they went and prepared the ground for a new cemetery; those type of things. That’s a lot more commitment than writing a grant. That was also the way of life.

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