Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: Did he deal with Utes and Paiutes down there also?

A: I don’t think there were any Paiutes that far east, but there were, of course, the Utes around the Ute Mountains and they would leave that portion of the reservation. The Utes were very difficult to get to stay in one place. He did deal with them as well. 

Q: Did your mom go on the mountain with him?

A: Yes, she rode with him in the early days. My mom loved the mountains and spent every summer [there] as I was growing up. We had a cabin on the mountain, and she would come to the mountain. My dad would come up on weekends. There was no air conditioning in downtown Moab. In fact, I don’t even remember fans. We had our cattle company on the mountain and I would ride with my brother. Dad would come up on weekends and we just lived there all summer. We would come down in the fall and she would get us ready to go to school. She loved the mountain. 

Q: And this continued even after your parents started having a family?

A: Oh yes, we all were up there all through my schooling years. In fact, she lived on the mountain off and on even after I left high school and joined the Marine Corps and was gone. She still liked the mountain. 

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