Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: Was he a farmer or rancher at heart?

A: My grandfather was a merchant. He managed Cooper-Martin enterprises. At his time of death, he owned a grocery store in Thompson. He caught the flu there. My dad went and got him from Thompson and brought him to the hospital here and he died in Moab. He had left Arkansas after the advent of patent medicines. He owned three retail stores; grocery stores, general stores, in Eureka Springs. There would be five trains a day into Arkansas for people to come and bathe in the Hot Springs. When patent medicine came in around the turn of the century, those trains stopped coming, a related thing with medicine. He lost his money and D L Goudelock, D.L. Taylor’s grandfather, was already out here riding for the Carlisle Cattle Company in Monticello. He wrote to my grandfather and said, “Jasper, this is a great place to be.” And he encouraged him to move here. And he did that. They had been friends in Arkansas and it was Mr. Goudelock who encouraged my grandfather to move out here.

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