Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: Where would that be, approximately?

A: Third East and Second North, by the old Baptist church, up that street and next to where Nate Knight lives, up that way. There is the Baldwin house and the Young house and then this other little house.

Q: Inalyn’s parents had come from….?

A: They moved to Moab in 1939 and bought the South Mesa Ranch and they bought this house in town so the kids could go to school in the wintertime.

Q: What were the general living conditions in terms of the homes that people moving in lived in, the rentals, trailers, etc.?

A: I think there were some very difficult living conditions when people were coming in and trying to find space; whether it was a used trailer or an apartment. You know, there wasn’t a lot of housing in Moab. When you had 900 people, everybody had their own house and they didn’t have a lot of other stuff. I think a lot of people that came in found rather meager living conditions until they built Mountain View Subdivision and Westwood Subdivision on the other end of town and Walker Subdivision. There wasn’t a lot of good housing. In Mountain View and Walker, the houses were little three-bedroom houses. You have a tough time turning around. You can’t pass each other in the hallways. I think people coming in found living conditions very bleak in Moab. Acceptance wasn’t that good. There was a hard core of people in town that didn’t want people here. Just like any other little town in the world. And some of that still exists, as you know. People saw payrolls for the first time and there was a whole set of social issues that wouldn’t quit. From anger to happiness to good times to bad times, the whole bit.

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