Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: What did your dad think of all this in relation to the real estate business?

A: My dad had a hard time realizing that the properties that he had sold three years ago were now worth five times as much. It was an adjustment for him. He was arriving at the later years of his career. He had some questions whether he wanted to try to compete with the young lions. He did that well enough, but I don’t know that he was ever as happy with the way business was conducted then as the way business was conducted in his hey day: much more gentlemanly, much more quiet, not cutthroat. Those kinds of things bothered my dad. He was able to meet people well and do all those things, but I’m not sure he was entirely comfortable with the increased business pressure.

Q: Where specifically did you live when you came back from the service-during the boom time era?

A: When I came back before I was married, we rented a house next to my mother and father-in-law in a house that they had built for their daughter who had since moved to Salt Lake.

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