Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: Are you active in church?

A: No, I’m not, but Lyn is very active. My very background… my grandfather was a hard-shelled Baptist from Arkansas and helped start the Baptist Church in Moab. So we had that division in my home life. My father, later in life, joined the LDS church and married Mother in the Temple, but church didn’t take well with me. I’ve never been active. I was baptized but never been active in the LDS church.

Q: When did you retire? 

A: I retired in 1988.

Q: And since then, you’ve had a lot of fun?

A: Yes, I have. I’ve traveled. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my retirement. We stay very busy, and we have lots of different kinds of things we like to do. I play a great deal of golf.

Q: When did you get into golf?

A: I’ve played golf since my college days. But I really didn’t have time to play it like I can now. It’s too bad I’m too old to play it well, but I play a lot of golf. We travel to see our grandkids and spend time with our kids, all of them. We especially enjoy our grandkids; they have been a real delight.

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