Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: So you graduated from Logan, did you come directly back to Moab?

A: No, I went to work for Delbert Long. In 1960 when we graduated, teaching jobs were very scarce and they also paid very little money. I was offered a head coaching job at South Cache High School in Logan. You may be aware of the Logan Valley. They had North and South Cache High Schools before they consolidated their schools. This was a head coaching job in a Class A High School and the salary was $3,800 a year. We’d made $3,600 on the GI Bill going to college and were starving to death. I said, “I don’t think so.” I didn’t think I wanted to go to work for that. I went to work for private industry and did that for two years. Traveled all over the country, ran radiometric survey crews in Louisiana and Indiana, Wyoming, all over.

Q: And the family went with you?

A: They came to Indiana. We were in Indiana for a year and they came out there. My daughter started kindergarten in Indiana, no, she started first grade in Indiana. When we were there, I wrote to Mrs. Knight, she was still the superintendent, and asked if there were any jobs. She sent me a contract. And so I signed the contract. She had left her superintendency because she had cancer. They had hired another superintendent by the name of Stobaugh by the time I got here. I’d left Indiana with the contract to teach in Moab. My first contract in 1962 was $4,400 and that included coaching pay. 

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