Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: During the time you were here paying off your daughter’s medical bills, you basically changed your whole life goal and decided to go into teaching?

A: I really did. The influences of the people I was associating with, and I did some part-time coaching and things like that, that brought me in contact with kids. Having that daughter to sit down and read to. It all came together that maybe this is something I should take a look at. And at that point the legal profession was not feasible financially for me. When I went back to school, I needed to get a degree as quickly as I could and get on a payroll as quickly as I could. Now my oldest son Shawn is an attorney and a very successful one. 

Q: So during this time you had more children?

A: Yes, when we left here to go to Logan we had another child. He’d been born in March and we left here the first of September to go back to school. So we had the baby. Our third child was born when I graduated from Utah State. That son is the one that we lost. Jeff was a senior in high school and died during the football season; some type of liver failure that has never been diagnosed. He was a great big strong 6’3” 180-pound football player; a very good athlete. And then we had a late child in 1970, ten years after Jeff. Jared’s the one that is teaching in Las Vegas and what a lifesaver it was to have him at home. We lost the one child and then had great luck. We have enjoyed our family during a time when it was difficult to raise kids. We just had a lot of luck. I couldn’t tell you a prescription for that, we just had a lot of luck. 

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