Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: In the museum there is a picture of the ferry. In that picture, is that your grandfather?

A: The little boy is my father sitting on the rail. He would have been approximately eight years old, maybe nine years old in that photo. That’s his mother in the fancy dress; she is coming from Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She did not move out here immediately with my grandfather because she was pregnant with the youngest child. She waited until the family could travel and then moved to Moab. The picture was taken some time after they had been living here awhile. I don’t know just exactly the year, but somewhere within the first four or five years after they came from Arkansas.

Q: Your father spent his whole childhood here after they arrived?

A: Yes, he was seven or eight years old when he moved here. He did grow up here and did a variety of different kinds of jobs – joined the service when he was a little over sixteen, went to the Mexican border and fought in the cavalry against Pancho Villa, went to the Military Academy in Georgia to be commissioned before he went overseas in World War I. All that kind of history is very interesting to me.

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