Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: Who were some of the other families?

A: The Corbins, the Bish Taylors, and the Robertsons. Most of the old centercore families whose men were in business in Moab.

Q: Did they all have cattle?

A: No. No they just came up to get out of the heat for the summer.

Q: But you were actually running cattle. How big of an outfit?

A: We had about eighty head. My dad had bought Mill Creek from Charles Zufelt because that’s all my brother wanted to be was a cowboy. It’s the one thing I never wanted to be. He bought the ranch and my brother basically ran everything. In those days it was an economically feasible unit for a family, especially when you have a little brother that you don’t have to pay anything to.

Q: Which came first, going away to the service or college?

A: I graduated from high school in May of 1951 and was in the Marine Corp two days later. Went to San Diego for my basic training. Served in Korea. Was finally discharged from the supply depot at Barstow, California. Got out, Lyn and I were married, and moved to Cedar City; started college at Southern Utah. I had a scholarship to play football. We were there two years. Came home when our daughter became extremely ill. We had to put her in the hospital at St Mary’s. I had to lay out of school two years while we paid off her medical bills and got squared away to get back in school. I had lost my GI bill by then and Senator Bennett, the father of the current Senator Bennett, (they look just exactly alike) and Senator Watkins got my GI bill reinstated. We had already moved back to Logan. I said, “I’ll get a job and go to school at night, whatever I have to do.” But we were there about a week when the two of them notified me that my GI Bill had been reinstated. In those days, you could only stay out of school 2 quarters and keep the GI Bill. That was like a gift back to us. It allowed us to go to school full time. I graduated from Utah State in 1960.

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