Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: Your parents were supportive of your sports?

A: Oh yes. My parents were very supportive of me, period. I was always very comfortable that I had great allies. Now, if I made serious errors, I paid for those. But I was very comfortable with my parents’ support and the way that they felt. If Mrs. Knight sent me home from school, Mrs. Knight was never wrong. I was wrong. There was an adjustment that I needed to make, not Mrs. Knight. 

Q: How did you get along with your siblings, in terms of school and around home?

A: My brother was eleven years older than me. My sister was six years older. So outside of my sister teasing me terribly, she also made me dance with her. She taught me to jitterbug and all those kinds of things during World War II. I hated that. I’ve always been very close to my sister. I went to cow camp with my brother when I was six and he was seventeen. I didn’t think that was unusual at all because he was to me a grown cowboy that knew what to do. We would spend a month in Mill Creek gathering the cows and then move to the mountain. Then my mom would come to the mountain. I told her years later, “You were just not a very responsible mother to send me up there, your youngest child, to cow camp and not come and check on me or anything.” But that was not unusual in those days; it’s what you did. I got a great kick out of teasing her for that.

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