Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: The current high school?

A: No, the current middle school on Second East. It was down in the creek bed, and they would pack peaches there and ship them to all parts of the world. Beautiful peaches. It was one of the few things that paid a salary to the kids, a part time job. 

Q: Did you do that?

A: Yes, I picked peaches. I spent most of my growing up time on the mountain with the cows until I quit one day. Then I came to town and got a job with a seismograph company. I was fifteen years old. I got a job with the seismograph company and worked for them for the rest of the summer. I made so much money that I was just rolling in it. Made seventy-three cents an hour and we worked ten-hour days. In 1947 that was a lot of money. I told my dad that I was going to go ahead and go to Wyoming with that company and quit school. He said, “No. You’re not going to do that.”

Q: Lets go back a minute to your elementary – junior high school years. What are some of the things you remember about school as a young child here in Moab?

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