Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: The circus came in by truck?

A: Oh, yes. It was an old rattletrap. You can imagine the kind of circus that got to Moab in those days over partially dirt roads. In this country until after World War II, Moab was not that accessible to the outside world. You’d go to Salt Lake and say you were from Moab and they had no idea in the world where you were from. They didn’t know that Moab existed in those days. On the other hand, you can see this circus trying to make a buck out of Moab. It was difficult because there wasn’t anybody in town that had any money in their pocket. This was the end of the Depression and nothing had improved. It was a pretty seedy outfit that came in here. 

Q: Was Moab still well noted for its orchards, its fruit growing?

A: The fruit was well known. They grew beautiful peaches. We had lots of peach orchards. For many, the only employment for teenagers at the end of the growing season was to pick peaches. They had built a packing plant over by the high school in that creek bed there.

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