Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

A: I’ve always heard that and it sounds reasonable. The early circuses had large animals that they brought with them. I remember one time they had an elephant. Of course, I was mesmerized by the elephant. They had large amounts of hay and I assume that’s where they are talking about that the puncture weed seeds came in. Old timers claim that there were not any puncture weeds in Moab. There have always been sand burrs in this valley. I don’t know that anyone claims that sand burrs came here carried by somebody. This valley has always had a great number of sand burrs. But the puncture weed I don’t think was a native species. That is the explanation; that it did come in with the circus feed.

Q: So you were fascinated by the elephants. Did they have a parade?

A: No, no, I don’t remember a parade. They set up the circus on the property across from the old middle school on Center Street in the ball field area. I remember them having an elephant there. I don’t have any idea what year that was, but I was a small kid. Having read about elephants and seen pictures of them, they are enormous when you are three feet tall and the elephant is 23 feet tall. He is enormous. And that is the way I remember the elephant.

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