Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Q: So everyplace you went as a child you walked or did you have horses or bicycles?

A: We had horses. We didn’t keep our horses here much because we kept them most of the time at either the Mill Creek Ranch or on the mountain. I had one bicycle growing up. It was a 24-inch bike. It constantly had a flat tire because Moab had all of the puncture weeds in the world. You could ride it for a few minutes and then the tire would be flat. During World War II, you didn’t run down town and buy a new inner tube, so you had to have a repair kit. It was easier to walk than try to keep that bicycle running in most cases. I didn’t ride in the car very often. My dad had learned to drive later in life and it was easier to walk to school than have him drive me because we would go ten miles an hour in the same gear; it was just easier to walk. That didn’t happen very often anyway because our schedules didn’t often meet.

Q: I read somewhere that they theorized that the puncture weed and goat heads were brought in by the early circuses.

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