Oral Histories

David Baker



Interviewed by Jean McDowell, December 2003, at his home in Moab, Utah


Q (Jean): What is your specific reason for being in Moab? Were you here ahead of the (boom) time? What brought you here?

A (Dave): I came down here in April of 1949.

Q: Start at the beginning, where were you born?

A: I was born in Grand Junction; raised up in DeBeque, Roan Creek Country. Have you ever been up that way?

Q: I’ve been to DeBeque and gone up that canyon, some hiking around there, but it’s been awhile.

A: That creek runs back in there about 50 miles.

Q: We went up on Garfield and then up where the coal people are, that canyon.

A: That’s before you get to DeBeque. I was born in Grand Junction and raised up the creek about 12 miles out of DeBeque.

Q: Was this a ranch you were on?

A: Yes, it was one my grandparents homesteaded back in the 1800s.

Q: Their name was Baker?

A: Oh, yes. My granddad died in, I think it was 1922, my grandmother died in ‘23 and I was born in ’24 so I didn’t get to see either one of them. My dad took the place over after.

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