Oral Histories

Alan D. “Tug” Wilson


This interview was made about 10 years after the death of Bates E. Wilson.The update/editing of the transcribed tape was made Spring of 2003, again about 10 years after the tape was made.

Interview with Alan D. “Tug” Wilson of Moab, Utah on 30 August 1993. Interviewer is Lloyd Pierson


Q: We’re sitting here in beautiful downtown Spanish Valley with Alan D. Wilson. This is Lloyd Pierson speaking on 30th of August 1993 at 7:45 in the evening. We’re going to talk about the good old days. Last night I was very intrigued when you told me about the Tug Wilson Escort Service.

AW (Alan Wilson): Tours. Guide service.

Q: Yeah. You got here in 1949, you said?

AW: April, 1949.

Q: With dear old dad.

AW: With dear old dad. We came here, so I understood, to mitigate some of the problems with the Westwoods that were running cattle in Salt Valley [Arches National Monument] near Delicate. One of the reasons we came was he [Bates] was very good working with people… having been on a cattle ranch, to sort of ease them off the park in time. The other concerns my mother [Edie] was fed up with living at El Morro which she went to town at best four times a year, normally on the freeze.

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