Oral Histories

A. L. “Banjo” Holloway



Interviewed by: Andrea Brand, 7 February 1997 at Moab, Utah


Arthur Lee Holloway was the twelfth child in a family of thirteen. The following story is told of how he received his nickname. When he was just three or four years old, following church services the family would gather with others at someone’s house where they would play music and socialize. Arthur Lee loved the banjo music and would copy the sound. Folks were soon calling him “Little Banjo.” When he started his first day of school, his mother wrote his real name, Arthur Lee, on a paper and put it in his pocket. Along the way he lost the piece of paper . Since everybody already knew him as Banjo, he was called Banjo from then on. The “Little” was dropped when he started school.

Banjo worked in the family sawmill and lumber yard in Wagoner, Oklahoma. He attended college and played football at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. In 1938-39 he played for the Green Bay Packers as center on offense and middle linebacker on defense. He arrived in Moab in 1942, an employee of Mack Drilling Company and Montezuma Lumber Company.

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