Old Spanish Trail Video Project

Along these unforgiving trails, lay the forgotten stories of the Native Americans, Spanish missionaries, and explorers who etched their way west on what has been called the longest, crookedest, and most arduous pack mule route in the history of America – The Old Spanish Trail. Along the route stretching from Santa Fe to California, crossing the Colorado River at Moab, are the stories of long-forgotten hardships, dangers, and the romance of those who traveled it.

It is time we rediscover the Old Spanish Trail.

The Museum of Moab in partnership with the Old Spanish Trail Association is producing a short video about the hardships and difficulties of traveling the Old Spanish Trail (OST) and its role as the only migration route from northern Mexico to southern California in the 1800s. In keeping with National Park Service/Bureau of Land Management recreational goals for the OST, the video will hopefully inspire hikers, bikers, and equestrians to explore the OST imagining what it was like to travel by mule and horse more than a hundred years ago, connecting the landscape and landforms with historical events.

See the video trailer here: http://beanlabs.com/#!/rediscover-old-spanish-trail

Listen to the narrative for the video:

The production team for the Old Spanish Trail Video Project:
Dennis Brown, Executive Producer, OSTA Vice President, and President of the Museum of Moab Board of Trustees.

Chris Valentino, Film Director and owner of BeanLabs (beanlabs.com) based in NYC.
Michael Falasco, Photography Director, based in Castle Valley, UT, and
Tricia Ogilvy, Screen Writer, based in Castle Valley, UT.
Fundraising will include online crowdfunding, corporate sponsors, and individual donations with a goal of completing the video by late 2019.