Moab History: Moab Regional Hospital

Moab’s medical history is defined by dedicated caregivers both inside and outside hospital walls. From doctors making house calls on horseback to nurses hosting supply drives during pandemics, the Moab community has been adapting to rural healthcare challenges for over a century. This week, Museum staff highlight the current iteration of health care in the Moab Valley, building upon the shoulders of all who came before. 

The Moab Museum is proud to exhibit a new satellite exhibition at the Moab Regional Hospital, answering the question “what is a community’s health worth?” Look back to previous issues of the Moab Sun News for our article “Before A Hospital,” “Grand County Hospital,” and “I. W. Allen Memorial Hospital.”

More than a century after its first healthcare providers arrived, Moab now boasts the Moab Regional Hospital. Moab Regional is a Level IV Trauma Center with dedicated professionals based in and out of Moab. For those unable to travel, a newly dedicated shuttle service is available to transport patients to and from their hospital appointments. Additionally, a “Community Health Needs Assessment” is conducted every three years, and informs priorities for improving health care in Moab. In June 2022, the Assessment prompted the addition of a new Recovery Center to the hospital’s campus.

Among the new architecture and services, traces of the past can still be found along the hospital’s corridors. Inside the main entrance, an old telephone booth from Allen Memorial can be found, which was historically used to make many phone calls—both good and bad. A bench constructed from an Allen Memorial Hospital bed sits outside the Canyonlands Care Center entrance. And historic photographs line the walls of Canyonlands Care Center, a long-term care facility located adjacent to Moab Regional Hospital, that ensures our senior community members can age here in their home community.

While medical care looks different than it has in the past, many hardships remain the same. Those in need of care still encounter challenges. At times resources are scarce and the economy fluctuates. Pandemics, too, have re-emerged, threatening patients and medical professional’s lives. No matter the trial, Moabites respond to these hardships with the same resilience, community connection, and care as always.

Join us in welcoming a new exhibition to the community this summer at Moab Regional Hospital. The Museum displays Moab’s Legacy of Care in the hallway connecting Moab Regional Hospital to Canyonlands Care Center.

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This article, published weekly by Moab Museum staff, originally appeared in the Moab Sun News Moab History Column.