Introduction to Weaving: Course Debrief

It was a fun-filled and highly educational week. Under Anita’s patient and expert leadership, the class blossomed over the course of five days. They created a colorful array of projects, experimenting boldly and creatively with a variety of patterns and motifs. It was special to see the class bond – helping one another get the hang of new concepts during the first couple of days, and celebrating together as lessons began to click and they actualized their artistic ideas. Over the week, folks got to know new neighbors and fellow fiber artists – and it was wonderful to see them share excitement with each other about their new skillsets. I personally was in awe of how much they accomplished! With Anita’s guidance, students learned how to warp a loom, weave patterns, weave twills, and complete a project. 

The class was held in the Museum’s south gallery, and the exhibit came to life as a teaching tool and source for inspiration again and again. Anita and her students would frequently examine the patterns of textiles on exhibit to help inspire and inform their lessons. Anita’s patient and expert leadership made the class both highly informative and a joyful community to be a part of.

“My students left with a sense of gratitude and appreciation. We had fun. They were happy, delighted to know they could weave… in their own way of creating and letting their imaginations work.

They [went from] setting up the loom (warping) to the weaving in just FIVE DAYS, which was so awesome. It makes me smile just thinking about it.”

Anita Hathale, Diné master weaver