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Ballot box from Grand County’s first election


Oct 06 2020


6:30 pm

State of the Vote: Then and Now

A conversation about the history and contemporary realities of voting in Southeast Utah with Carey Dabney, League of Women Voters.

This was an online event.

As another election season approaches, conversations about voting access, election security, and the general importance of electoral politics are on the forefront of public consciousness. Join Carey Dabney, Member of Moab’s local, nonpartisan League of Women Voters chapter, for a conversation with Moab Museum contributor Christy Williams-Dunton about the centennial anniversary of the 19th amendment, the 150th anniversary of the vote for women, and a brief history of Utah’s distinctive legacy. This discussion will explore factors influencing Utahns’ historic and contemporary participation in the political process and provide contemporary, local context for the upcoming November 2020 presidential election.


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