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Feb 22 2023


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Lyrical Letters II

In conjunction with the temporary exhibit Block Prints by Everett Ruess, the Moab Museum is pleased to present this two-part writing workshop inspired by the creative legacy of desert wanderer Everett Ruess.

 During his travels throughout the region in the 1930s, he wrote numerous long, lyrical letters to his family and friends detailing his travels and conveying reverence for the landscapes he loved so dearly- letters that continue to resonate with readers nearly a century later since his disappearance. Over this two-part workshop, Moab based writer and musician Brian Laidlaw will share with attendees how imagery and intention can enrich letter-writing style, and then everyone will have dedicated time to craft their own thoughtful missives to friends and loved ones. 

Brian Laidlaw is a Moab-based author and songwriter who recently completed a PhD in Creative Writing, publishes poetry and nonfiction with Milkweed Editions, and leads the local band The Family Trade.

Tea & light refreshments will be provided.


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