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Apr 19 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Moab Museum Annual Membership Gala

Join us for an evening celebration of the Moab Museum community and the return of Col. Theodore Roosevelt to southeast Utah. 

In 1913, Roosevelt paid a visit to the Moab area as part of a sight-seeing and hunting trip to the Grand Canyon and southern Utah. “Col. Theodore Roosevelt, his sons Archibald and Quentin, and his nephew, Nicholas Roosevelt, plan to pay a visit to the famous natural bridges of San Juan country early next month” (Times-Independent, July 18, 1913). 110 years later Col. Roosevelt reprised by Joe Wiegand, returns for the Moab Museum’s Annual Membership Gala. 

We invite current Members to bring soon-to-be Museum members from the community!

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