Channel 6 News Digitization: December Update

Channel 6 News producer Jim Mattingly continues to digitize over 900 analog video cassettes (totaling approximately 1,200 hours of footage) in collaboration with the Moab Museum and made possible through a grant from the Utah State Historic Records and Advisory Board. The record is a compilation of news broadcasts from 1989 to 2000, documenting a time when Moab’s community was experiencing the challenging cultural, social, and economic impact that followed the uranium bust. Combing through the old film has taken Mattingly on a walk down memory lane, reflecting on significant events from our community’s past (including Moab’s switch from a three to seven-member city council) and revisiting snapshots of some of Moab’s most influential locals from 40 years ago. He describes his greatest challenge thus far in digitization: determining how to format video from outdated movie files to a modern format suitable for internet use. We are excited to share that Mattingly and the Museum will develop a searchable index that will make content easier for the public to navigate once uploaded to the Moab Museum’s YouTube Channel. Stay tuned for more updates and the first batches of historic news made public in the Spring!