Behind the Front Desk: Get to Know the Guest Services Associates!

Tuesday, June 1st marked the first day the redesigned Moab Museum opened its doors to the public. Since then, it’s hosted over 3000 guests, and more than doubled its memberships. These achievements have been in part due to our wonderful staff. Visitors to the museum have been primarily engaged by two of the newest members to the Museum’s team, Doug Tree and Nathaniel Clark. We are delighted to have Nathaniel and Doug, who bring to their roles historical knowledge and established local experience, as well as enthusiasm and a vested interest in creating positive experiences for both first-timers and repeat visitors. If you haven’t already met them, we are pleased to introduce Doug and Nathaniel:

“I [Nathaniel] moved to Moab in 2005 for a 3-month internship at Canyonlands National Park, and in what I now realize is a common occurrence, never left. I served as a ranger at Island in the Sky for 15 years, and came to love the tourists that visit from all around the world. Everyone has such an interesting story and such wonderful life experience, and the people are what kept me at the park for so long. In what has now become another common occurrence, I realized that I needed something different in life and joined the great COVID resignation.

Working at the museum has been a wonderful change of pace and has exposed me to even more remarkable people and their great stories. Moab has become busier, noisier, and harder to live in, but I still love this community and the people who make it so special. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and writing, but my real passion is photography in and around Moab.”

Nathaniel Clark, left, shows a guest a photograph of uranium miner Charlie Steen.

“My name is Doug Tree. I joined the Moab Museum staff in June 2021. I have been a resident of Moab since 2010 but have been exploring the area since 1995. Born and raised in Michigan, I moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to work for Apple Computer in their new product development lab while attending classes at Cal State. My professional experience includes over 20 years working as a field geologist for a geotechnical engineering firm in Los Angeles. 

I relocated to Moab to work for the Canyonlands Natural History Association and have been a member of the staff at Tom Till Gallery and Moab Giants. I enjoy a wide variety of professional interests including geology, ichnology, paleontology, archeology and history. Personally, I enjoy writing music, hiking, camping, photography and exploring the deserts of the American southwest.”

Doug Tree, left, brings a passion for geology and local history to his work at the Moab Museum.

If we haven’t already had the pleasure of welcoming you to the Moab Museum, we invite you to check out the new changes and share with us your feedback. Everything was designed from input provided by an in-depth Community Assessment, and the space is entirely customizable to be modified as needed. Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with Nathaniel who is particularly well versed in mining history, and Doug, who has a knack for all things Geology!