OMNI Channel 6 News

Welcome to the OMNI Channel 6 News Digital Collection.

The Channel 6 Moab News Archive is a collection of VHS tapes containing approximately 1200 hours of film representing 2200 individual news broadcasts of a seminal period in Moab’s history from 1989 to 2000. Each tape contains approximately two hours of footage. This digitization project was supported by the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board through a grant supporting cultural heritage organizations undertaking time-limited archival projects.

The Channel 6 Moab News Archive contains footage of historic icons and events including a 1992 interview with the man dubbed the “Uranium King,” Charlie Steen, who discusses Moab and southeast Utah during the peak of the uranium boom. Additionally, the archive documents personal stories about the collapse of the mining and milling industry, mass exodus, and efforts to build a tourism-based economy.

Jim Mattingly OMNI Channel 6 News sits at his home desk while digitizing footage
Jim Mattingly OMNI Channel 6 News sits at his home desk while digitizing footage.

Jim Mattingly: The Man Behind the Camera

Jim Mattingly is the retired executive producer and director of photography for Omni Productions Inc., which he founded and operated for 36 years beginning in 1987. In 1989 Mattingly took over production of the local Channel 6 television news broadcast. Channel 6 News was established in 1956 when Moab became one of the first communities to install cable television and a local television channel. At that time, the news was broadcast live. In 1989, Mattingly’s team produced a daily newscast five days a week on videotape, and each was broadcast three times a day.