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A Moab Prison Camp:

Japanese American Incarceration in Grand County

Explore the local and national story of Japanese American incarceration during WWII. This moving exhibition unpacks the nuanced terminology used during that era up to the present. Visitors are invited to confront the usage of words like "relocation" versus "incarceration" and wrestle with the gravity of terms such as "concentration camp."

On display until June 29, 2024.

Current Exhibition at Dead Horse Point State Park

Spirit and Grit

Ranching in Canyonlands

Thousands of years of human history have unfolded across the Dead Horse Point State Park landscape. The Park's name originates from its storied ranching history. One legend claims a group of cowboys cornered a herd of wild horses on the point. The horses, in a frenzy of exhaustion and thirst, could see and smell the water below and leapt to their deaths.


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Archives and Collections

Carol Balsley Hines with fish

In a program started over 20 years ago, the Museum has recorded the oral histories of some of our founding families.

Oral Histories


Connect with some of the dynamic people of the past and present who have left their mark on Moab and the surrounding region.

People Profiles


Produced by the Museum from 1989-2017, the journal features in-depth articles about the geology, wildlife, people, and events of the region.

Canyon Legacy Archive

Barnes Collection - Angel Arch

In the mid to late twentieth century, Fran and Terby Barnes extensively documented the magnificent landscape of the region. See their recently digitized photo archive.


Barnes Photo Archive